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Oracle by Olympus Labs

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  • Description
    The reign has fallen. Dawn has broken. The oracle has spoken. The new champ of pre-workouts is here!

    Oracle by Olympus Labs

     Oracle Summary:

    • Truly innovative Powerful Pre-workout premiering genistein a potent maoi and ligustrazine phosphate
    • Transcendent levels of Focus, Endurance, Pump, and Energy needed to conquer your next workout
    • PR3 Tech: “The Golden Ratio” the perfect balance of key ingredients to enhance pre anaerobic/aerobic exercise to the fullest extent
    • Perfect Stimulant Blend with Zero Crash and Extended Energy Post-Workout
    • Industry Best Flavors
    • Get the Best Workout You Have Ever Had!


    The reign has fallen. Dawn has broken. The oracle has spoken. The new champ of pre-workouts is here! 

    The pre-workout category of the supplement industry happens to be the most heavily marketed, hyped, yet disappointing of all supplement categories.

    Through pure marketing, supplement manufacturers are able to mask their poorly formulated products calling their product a game changer, but sadly it's something that we’ve seen all too often; another “me too” pre-workout which does not either include key ingredients or was simply “formulated” via google search.

    Brands are misleading; their copy-pasted formulas are not making any innovations or changes within the category. With the “magical formula” they’ve concocted that includes the “perfect ratio” by simply increasing the dose of a cheap overplayed ingredient by as little as 1mg. As true innovators, Olympus labs knows their so-called competitors’ products are laughable at best.

    Olympus labs wanted to tackle this and put a rest to this matter by setting out to create the perfect pre workout. Olympus labs asked the Oracle, “what's the perfect pre-workout”? And the Oracle spoke: “the perfect pre-workout is an experience unlike any other felt, “mind, body, & matter” which undeniably, amongst any who use, it can attest that, what they’ve taken, has transcended themselves to an otherworldly level!

    A second Oracle suddenly spoke “this experience must follow the laws of balance, what works well must also taste well, for if the palate is not desirable nor will be the result thereafter. Do not over-stimulate nor do not cause a ruckus of a pump that hinders its user from truly transcending through their workout, create what is balanced & perfect within that balance.”

    The oracle had spoken, and it clarity was crystal. Olympus labs now having the parameters, journeyed to create the perfect pre-workout. A pre workout that would deliver the unparalleled and transcendent experience the Oracle had spoken of. In accomplishing this, the new unparalleled pre workout, perfectly and respectfully named Oracle, would be formulated to provide an experience that includes industry crushing flavoring, transcendent levels of euphoria, focus, energy, and mind body connection. With just the right amount of pump; not under or overdone, Oracle is just right.

    Olympus labs is here to finally eradicate its predecessors which used cheap marketing tricks and ideology to make to make their products seem presentable. With Olympus labs in the picture now, all that is, is now futile. A new dawn is born, where man can forge his own destiny!

    Olympus labs Oracle: The ultimate pre workout choice for the best pumps, focus, energy and tunnel vision needed to conquer your next workout. Oracle is the Future!

    Oracle Pre Workout Highlights  

    Pr3 technology:

    • “The Golden Pump & Performance Ratio”

    Each serving of Olympus labs Oracle includes 3 key ingredients at maximum dosing which are all designed and tested to ensure you conquer your next workout.

    Running any of these 3 ingredients solo is sure to add some pump & performance to your workout but when combined, beta testers reported that their workout was ignited tremendously and the pump they attained was dubbed “the pinnacle of pumps.”

    • “The Golden Focus/Euphoria/Drive Ratio”

    Each serving of Olympus labs oracle includes 5 highly synergistic ingredients at maximum dosing which are all designed to assist you in attaining peak mental alertness, euphoria, and drive so you can conquer your next workout.  

    • “The Golden Energy Ratio”

    Each serving of Olympus labs Oracle includes 3 highly synergistic forms of caffeine with both slow and fast releasing delivery systems which are aimed to help you increase your endurance and conquer your next workout. No more crashing after your workout or having energy run out mid-session!

    Key Benefits of Oracle Pre Workout:

    Enhance Exercise and Sports Performance:

    -Increased endurance so you can go faster

    -Reduced fatigue so you can last longer

    -Increased strength so you can go harder

    -Increased nitric oxide production so you can flex harder

    Enhance Cognitive Function:

    -Fast acting stimulants so you can feel it faster

    -Increased energy so you can feel awake

    -Improved mood and focus so you can dial-in

    -Improved concentration and productivity so you can feel limitless


    Key ingredients Of Oracle:

    Ligustrazine Phosphate:

    Potent nitric oxide booster that you will feel right from the first dose when you hit the weights, blood will rush to your muscles to increase your vascularity and give you a pump that triggers the activation of muscular hypertrophy.

     A natural bioactive component contained in the dry rhizome of ligusticum chuanxiong, a plant that has been traditionally used in Chinese medicine. Ligustrazine has been shown to acts as a “calcium channel antagonist”, blocking the flow of calcium ions (ca2+), which produces a profound vasodilatory effect, increasing nitric oxide levels through inhibiting ca2+ influx and the release of intracellular ca2+, as well as boosting levels of cyclic guanosine monophosphate. All in all, leading to increased blood flow and extraordinary “pumps” and vascularity.

    Ligustrazine possesses a further broad range of pharmacological effects, such as acting as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antifibrotic agent. But more specific to its inclusion in the formula, it displays potent anti-catabolic effects, where studies have repeatedly shown it to prevent skeletal muscle atrophy in hindlimb unloading experiments through multiple pathways such as inhibiting endoplasmic reticulum stress and protecting against protein breakdown and cell destruction (proteolysis and apoptosis). Obviously incredibly beneficial during a cutting or recomposition phase!

    To overcome the bioavailability issues with ligustrazine being around only 10% active orally, Olympus Labs utilizes ligustrazine phosphate, this form has been shown to boost the oral bioavailability substantially!


    A unique combination of seven plant-based extracts, clinically proven to boost nitric oxide (no) by 230%!* by endogenously boosting nitric oxide production; meaning the use of your own body to increase nitric oxide. S7 promotes increased blood flow for greater vascularity and stronger, longer-lasting muscle pumps! Enhanced delivery of oxygen and essential nutrients supports greater stamina and endurance during training.

    Eria Jarensis Extract:

    Eria jarensis is an orchidaceous alkaloid, meaning it is derived from the orchid family of flowering plants. It is the only known plant derivative to contain n-phenethyl dimethylamine. Phenethylamines (pea) increases levels of epinephrine (adrenaline), and norepinephrine which are known as the fight or flight hormones that act as an energy catalyst. These hormones also stimulate beta-adrenergic receptors located on adipose (fat) tissue to release fatty acids into circulation as a fuel source. However, peas effects are relatively short-lived because the compound is broken down by the mao-b enzyme within hours. N-phenethyl dimethylamine rectifies that issue so you can realize the energy and thermogenic benefits without having to dose the ingredient every few hours for it to be as effective as you would pea. Therefore, eria jarensis has become popular as a supplement for its energy and thermogenic benefits.


    To date, genistein has never been given justice and used in pre-workout supplementation before, but we’re here to change that, being the gamechangers we are.

    Taken from “evaluation of the isoflavone genistein as reversible human monoamine oxidase-a and -b inhibitor”: (1)

    Monoamine oxidases inhibitors (maois) are effective therapeutics. As finding safer and reversible maois is our target, we characterized the recombinant human (h) mao-a and mao-b inhibition potentials of two common natural isoflavones, genistein (gst) and daidzein (dz) using luminescence assay. The results obtained showed that dz exhibits partial to no inhibition of the isozymes examined while gst inhibited hmao-b (ic50 of 6.81 μm), and its hmao-a inhibition was more potent than the standard deprenyl. Furthermore, the reversibility, mode of inhibition kinetics, and tyramine oxidation of gst were examined. Gst was a time-independent reversible and competitive hmao-a and hmao-b inhibitor with a lower k i of hmao-b (1.45 μm) than hmao-a (4.31 μm). Gst also inhibited hmao-b tyramine oxidation and hydrogen peroxide production more than hmao-a. Docking studies conducted indicated that the gst reversibility and hmao-b selectivity of inhibition may relate to c5-oh effects on its orientation and its interactions with the threonine 201 residue of the active site. It was concluded from this study that the natural product gst has competitive and reversible maos inhibitions and may be recommended for further investigations as a useful therapeutic agent.

    The obtained results indicate that the isoflavone gst has potent hmao-a and hmao-b inhibitory activities compared to its analog dz negligible inhibitory effects. Gst mao-a inhibition potency was more than the standard dep. However, its affinity and potency to inhibit hmao-b were higher than hmao-a. Gst valuable mao inhibitory capacity over dz and selectivity to inhibit mao-b may be due to the presence of c5-oh substitution that may have worked as an inhibitory group. The data obtained clearly show that gst is a reversible and competitive mao-a and mao-b inhibitor and, consequently, can safely decrease hmaos toxic h2o2 byproduct, with the least chance to have the cheese effect incidence. Based on the data obtained in this study we recommend further investigations to examine the use of gst as a possible agent for the therapeutic management of pd patients with depression.

    Genistein proved to reverse mao-a inhibition [41], improved cognitive functions in males [59], and exhibited antioxidant and anti-cancer effects [60,61]. In pca cells, genistein protected from aging-related dna damage [62], inhibited epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition [63], and lncap invasiveness [64]

    On the other hand, daidzein, which has a structure similar to that of genistein without a hydroxyl group at the c5 position, showed a weak inhibitory effect against both mao isozymes (ic 50 values of 304.05 and 356.87 µm for mao-a and -b, respectively).

    The two natural isoflavone analogs gst and dz showed a dramatic difference in their mao inhibitory properties with gst being highly more potent than dz.

    Genistein is a potent mao inhibitor which contributes to potentiating all other stimulants found in Oracle and is a true game changer.


    Alpinia galanga is native to southeast asia, where it’s used as a food and herb. It is part of the ginger family, and, similar to ginger, the rhizome, or creeping rootstalk is what’s used. The rhizome has a pungent smell reminiscent of black pepper and pine. The similarity in appearance to the ginger rhizome has led to one of its common names, thai ginger. In some traditional medical systems, it is regarded as being superior to ginger. Enxtra® is a clinically studied and standardized alpinia galanga rhizome extract. In human studies, enxtra® has been complementary to caffeine. In a clinical study, supplementation with enxtra® supported alertness and focus. It's clinically proven to improve alertness and focus for up to 5 hours with and without caffeine. Enxtra® can be used as a replacement for caffeine or used with caffeine to prevent crash and prolong caffeine’s nootropic benefits.

    Enxtra® has been used in human clinical studies, where it has enhanced alertness and focus, and amplified the nootropic response to caffeine.(2)

    Enxtra® is created by enovate biolife, and is standardized for total polyphenols (not less than [nlt] 3%), flavanoids (nlt 4%), polysaccharides (nlt 20%) and pyrocatecollic type tannins (nlt 1%).

    Enxtra® is responsibly sourced. It is cultivated without pesticides in hilly terrain and hand picked to ensure optimum potency. It is dna authenticated to ensure botanical identification.


    Kanna is a herb that is commonly referred to as sceletium tortuosum that has been traditionally used for its cognitive effects. Specifically, sceletium tortuosum works by dual 5-ht reuptake inhibition and pde4 (phosphodiesterase subtype 4) inhibition which plays a crucial role in regulating cognitive function via the pde-4-camp cascade signaling pathway involving phosphorylated camp response element binding protein (creb). In addition to improving cognitive ability, kanna is known to be a very “feel good” stimulant. A dose of 25mg of sceletium tortuosum is generally well tolerated in healthy adults taken once daily for extended periods of time so there is no need to cycle off Oracle. Of course, Oracle includes kannaease™, a quality extract of kanna.

    Xtenergy, Infinergy & Caffeine Anhydrous

    Caffeine anhydrous provides an immediate release of caffeine and surge of energy while xtenergy™ & infinergy™ deliberately kick in later providing a sustained punch of energy to keep you going.

    Caffeine increases focus, mental alertness, exercise performance, and reduces symptoms of fatigue due to its ability to produce higher dopamine levels in areas of the brain that are linked to “attention.” Research shows that taking caffeine pre-workout helps users bench press more and obtain more peak power.

    Caffeine enhances physical performance, stamina, and recovery in exercises that range from 60 to 180 seconds making it extremely useful in speed endurance exercises. 

    Caffeine is the most widely used stimulant in sports supplementation and for good reason, it is proven and effective, it is the creatine of stimulants if you will. Caffeine increases focus, mental alertness, exercise performance, and reduces symptoms of fatigue due to its ability to produce higher dopamine levels in areas of the brain that are linked to “attention.” Caffeine has been found to improve focus and concentration during activity, even when an athlete has not slept well. Caffeine can also improve physical performance and endurance during high intensity activity. It has been found to increase muscle contractility and can improve the time before exhaustion, helping you crank out a few more sets!

    Furthermore, due to an increase in free fatty acid oxidation, caffeine will have a sparing effect on glycogen. Research has shown caffeine will elicit an ergogenic effect during endurance exercise performance, especially during periods of glycogen depletion. These results suggest supplementation with caffeine would provide performance benefits when training fasted or on a low carb diet.

    In a study with collegiate football players at the nfl combine, the effect of caffeine on performance-based anaerobic exercise tests was examined. Testing showed 59% of the participants improved in performance with the caffeine during the bench press and the 40-yard dash.(3)


    The oracle has spoken, the reign has fallen and the new champion of pre-workouts is here.

     Oracle Pre Workout Olympus Labs








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